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We’ll Help You Get A Job in Support Work in Melbourne

Some people have a natural inclination to assist and care for others. If you’re one of these people and you feel that you have a future in the healthcare sector, you should consider obtaining the necessary training to qualify. As a result, you can get a job in support work around Melbourne. The best place to start your journey into this field is through Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training. We have a range of courses to become an aged care support worker that prepares you for caring for others on a professional level.

Benefits of Being a Residential Aged Care Support Worker

Working in aged care is more than a job. Assisting the elderly is a meaningful, rewarding career path that contains several opportunities. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you take on a course for aged care.

  • The number of people requiring professional aged care in some form around Australia will double by the year 2050. As such, the demand for qualified support workers is set to increase. According to a job market report by Adzuna in 2016, the aged care sector will be one of the primary industries for employment over the next 20 years. This is an opportunity for you to obtain a position within the industry and build yourself a successful career.
  • There’s a variety of work in an aged care facility that suits different personalities and skillsets. The job isn’t fundamentally about changing bedpans or assisting people in moving around. Careers involve frontline support, administration, catering, corporate, human resources, and managerial roles. Apart from working at a facility, you’ll have the ability to provide support in a residential setting.
  • If you’re after a career with incredible flexibility, then you should understand that aged care support is rarely a nine to five job. Over half of the work in this sector is part-time, which translates to greater flexibility. More often than not, you won’t have to adhere to strict schedules but rather work around your plans.

What to Expect from Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training Regarding Aged Care Support Worker Courses

We are a training organisation that provides quality training to prepare employees for their work in aged care support.

  • We focus on delivering quality training within the Australian Quality Training Framework using proven strategies and tools. Our training facility is of adequate size and has proper ventilation along with effective heating and cooling.
  • Nothing beats practice which is where our state-of-the-art simulation training room comes in handy. You can test yourself in a live simulation of a healthcare environment to determine your application of the theory you’ve learned.

About Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training

We’re nearing 20 years as a Registered Training Organisation in Melbourne and we have had the privilege of preparing professional individuals into the industry. Our team including our Trainers & Assessors, Administration and Management are here to ensure that you enjoy your learning experience.

Contact us if you’d like to hear more about our courses.

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