Aged Care Courses Government Funded

Our Zoom-Presented Certificate IV, Aged Care Courses, are Victoria Government Funded

Our aged care courses are government-funded for students who live in Victoria. We offer monthly payment plans and practical placement to help you make a difference. Training takes place via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic but is otherwise classroom-based. Book an information session to learn more.

The Importance of an Aged Care Certificate

The CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support develops your knowledge and practical skills to provide programs and services that meet older peoples’ personal, social, physical, and emotional needs, rights, and interests inside their homes.

  • Our nationally recognised aged care training courses provide you with the ability to assume a series of duties related to personal care and other living activities to uphold your clients’ well-being. We instruct students who wish to succeed as aged care, community, and disability support workers and supervisors.
  • The knowledge you gain permits you to work with groups of older people and individuals with complex needs, providing the support required to empower and advance independence via community participation.
  • You discover how to ease individual assistance planning and delivery and liaise with service providers and professionals, report to service managers, coordinate services, and oversee staff members.
  • Learn how to create procedures that sustain daily living activities with a palliative approach. Increase your understanding of advanced communication and acquire empowerment techniques. Attain the necessary skills to work under direct or regular supervision within clearly identified service plans and organisational guidelines.
  • We teach you how to originate and deliver accessible programs to improve community integration and offer insight into the ethical and legal requirements to work in the public service and residential aged care sectors. We provide instruction on implementing interventions concerning diverse people, the at-risk aged, and people with dementia.
  • Our aged care courses in Australia offer 15 core and three elective units. These include developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships and networks, recognising healthy body systems, the provision of loss and grief support, safe client care work practices, and strategies to prevent falls.

This qualification enables you to take on a management role and move ahead in the sector. You may wish to do a nursing diploma after completing the course. Why not study our aged care certification brochure?

Solutions for Aged Care Qualifications in Australia

We encourage persons with disabilities to apply. Our training centre provides practical placement as well as a simulation environment at our course locations in Victoria.

  • The 26-week course runs two days per week – from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Practical placement involves 120 supervised hours in an aged care facility. Your facilitator is a qualified trainer and assessor with the required industry knowledge. View our fees for aged care courses in Melbourne for more information.
  • Our proficient team of professionals – with years of industry experience – offer top-quality healthcare training programs that entail demonstrated training tools and strategies compliant with the Australian Quality Training Framework. We provide you with relevant, in-depth education and the know-how you need to excel in your chosen yet demanding career.
  • We have more than 16 years of experience in running a registered training organisation. Our trainers and assessors hold the requisite qualifications to instruct you and have spent at least five years working in the field. They are capable of teaching you to the highest standard.
  • We offer an environment conducive to learning. Due to COVID-19, our classes take place via Zoom at this time. Our brick-and-mortar premises provide well-maintained training areas that are large enough for the purpose, with good ventilation, cooling, and heating.
  • Our state-of-the-art simulating equipment provides you with imitations of processes – enabling you to gain experience in the use of industry apparatus before starting your practical. This practice will assuage any fears you may have during real-life circumstances. We guide you to offer quality personal care and excellent individualised support.
  • We comply with the laws that govern privacy, anti-harassment, fire safety regulations, workplace health and safety, and equal opportunities. We provide an enjoyable, interactive, and efficient learning environment that supports diverse learning styles.

Book your information session for aged care training in Melbourne to discover what we offer. Our approachable teachers are available to assist you at all times.

Why Trust Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training Re: Aged Care Worker Qualifications?

Support workers who provide services to the aged work in private residences, homes, or community-based environments. Our registered training facility offers the skills you need to perform that role with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

  • Organisations expect you to take responsibility within designated guidelines and uphold quality services through continuous improvement, facilitation, and the assessment of planning and delivery. Employers may require you to demonstrate a measure of leadership and be trustworthy regarding employee oversight functions.
  • Our facility offers continued learning and better employment prospects via further edification – which consolidates knowledge – and additional competence through hands-on training and practical experience.
  • You require a completed Certificate IV-level Pre-Training Review to enrol. We provide an aged care qualification handbook and opportunities for classroom discussions. You demonstrate your knowledge through verbal, practical, and written assessments. We require you to illustrate your capabilities regarding relevant activities within specific situations in a simulated environment. You also apply your skills in an aged care facility.
  • Our complaints policy follows the principles of natural justice and fairness. We take grievances seriously, respond in writing, quickly and confidentially, and aim to resolve problems within 60 calendar days.
  • We offer Certificate III in Individual Support, Certificate IV in Disability, and Certificate IV in Leisure and Health. We have changed our practices because of the Coronavirus situation but continue educating support workers as there is a great demand for qualified healthcare employees in the industry.

All our courses are eligible for government funding. The assistance may reduce your course fee considerably based on your circumstances.

Contact us for an online chat or to complete the message form.

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